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Tailored Seed Coating & Treatments

Turn to the experienced professionals at Global Seed Coating in Ashburn, Georgia, for the best in customized seed coating and treating services. Growers, dealers, and wholesalers across the United States trust us to meet their needs. Our common products include Bermuda Grass, Centipede Grass, Bahia Grass, Clover, and other types of seed. Each coating is specially designed for the specific seed, protecting the germ and allowing you to store your seed longer before planting. That means less waste, longer-lasting stock, and higher profits.

Coatings that Support the Seed

Our coatings include a liquid fertilizer to ensure a quicker start when the seed is planted and can be tailored to your specifications. Coatings might include insecticides and fungicides to protect the seed from disease and organisms, which can ensure higher yields. Getting started is as simple as bringing us your seeds or shipping them to us. We quickly get to work treating, drying, cleaning, and repackaging your seeds so you can tag and sell them as soon as you receive them.

We are the only seed coating company located in the Southeast, which means we can provide the fastest service in the region. This also saves our Southeastern customers on freight costs. Contact us today to inquire about coating costs for your seeds and to tailor the treatment your seeds will receive.